He Wanted To Divorce Me For Being Too Old and Too Fat!

Read This Right Now To Discover The Strange Women’s Weight Loss Secret That Saved My Marriage And Lead To My Ultimate Revenge!

“I don’t love you anymore,” he said cold and flat, not even looking me in the eye.

I held the tears back. Just barely. I felt my stomach lurch and my whole world begin to spin.

Every terrible nightmare I’d had for years was finally coming true.

He was throwing me away.

Throwing us away.

Every ounce of my self-loathing roared with delight.

“You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re disgusting. You’re worthless. You’re going to die alone. No one will ever want you again,” it screamed in my ear.

I felt light-headed. I felt stupid.

I could barely ask the question. The terrible question I already knew the answer to.

“Is it about her?” I asked and hated myself for how my voice cracked and shook.

A moment. A quiver in his cheek. Shame in his eyes. And then he looked down, suddenly fascinated by his shoes.

He knew exactly who I was talking about.

Her name had come up again and again for months now, out of nowhere like he couldn’t control himself.

And every time he said her name he smiled in a way that felt like a knife in my stomach.

“Tara from work,” he called her.

Tara, 28

Works with your man

Tara who was 28.

Tara who he was “mentoring.”

Tara who “looked up to him.

Tara whose body his children hadn’t destroyed. 

Tara who hadn’t stood by him through HELL for years.

Tara who “understood him” in a way I just didn’t anymore.

Tara who made him smile.

Tara who he “loved” now that he didn’t love me anymore.

Tara who wasn’t going to be single in her 40’s.

Tara who wasn’t going to be alone.

Tara, that bitch.

Tara, 28

Works with your man

Get OUT” I screamed. “GET OUT!”

And he did.

Leaving me alone in the big house we’d built a LIFE in together.

A life he was THROWING away.

No, he wasn’t throwing our “life” away.

He was throwing ME away just like so many men had thrown so many women away, or even just ignored and made to feel worthless when we got too old or too fat or too “bitter” or too fed up with the BS they fed us.

Fed up with the lies.

I admit it, I felt like I’d rather be dead as I lay there sobbing on the floor.

Hating myself.

Hating him.

It was the worst moment of my life, but also…

( And I know this doesn’t make sense yet but it will as I tell you the rest of my story…)

It was also the best.

Because, as Strange as It Sounds, That Terrible Night Lead to the Accidental Discovery of…

A Women’s Weight Loss Secret

A secret that reversed my Type 2 diabetes…

A secret that had me shed 40 lbs in 3 months without drugs or dangerous surgery.

A secret that left my “know-it-all” doctor absolutely shocked and questioning everything he learned in medical school…

A secret that gave me the ENERGY I had as a teenager and the sex drive I thought I’d lost for good…

A secret that didn’t just “save” my marriage, but had my husband come crawling back to me, treating me like a queen… practically worshipping the ground I walked on… 

A Secret That Gave Me My Best Body And My Ultimate Revenge…

Need proof?

Here’s a picture of me around the time John left.

And here’s one I took just last week.

Results shown may not be typical.

And I promise you I did all that…

Without doing anything you would call exercise. As a Mom I simply don’t have time for that.

Without starving myself. (People regularly ask me how I stay so thin when they see me gorging myself at restaurants.)

Without giving up ANY of my favorite foods.

Without taking any dangerous supplements.

Without feeling like I was “dieting” at all.

Results shown may not be typical.

And that whole transformation?

I started seeing results right away, but that whole transformation only took three months.

Really Quick & Really Important

If you think you “already know” this incredible Women’s Weight Loss Secret, I promise you that you’re wrong…

Because, as unbelievable as it sounds, this simple secret flips a “chemical switch” and completely transforms a woman’s body… vacuuming away belly fat… reversing type 2 diabetes and heart disease and “turning back the clock” on your muscles, skin and joints…

What’s the secret?

Well, I’ve got good news for you…

I’m going to tell you exactly what the secret is on this very page…

But that’s not all…

I’m also going to reveal three gut-wrenching weight loss LIES women have been fed for DECADES…

Lies I had to go through hell to learn myself that turned me into my own body’s worst enemy when it came to health and weight loss…

I know that you want to know.

And, like I said, I’m going to tell you.

But first it’s incredibly important that I share with you my own devastating story of how I was forced to learn this secret the hard way.

How I came to share it with thousands of women around the world who got their ultimate revenge too…

And how my quest to learn this secret almost utterly destroyed me and cost me my life…

“Stop Being Such A Victim…”

I heard John’s voice whisper again and again in my head.

It was his favorite line for years whenever I “complained” about my weight… my health… the kids.

Anything really.

Was he right?

Was that what I was doing?

I looked over the empty tubs of Ben & Jerry’s… the potato chip bags … the fast food trash littering the kitchen counter.

It had been three days since John walked out.

But for now I was alone.

So I did what I’ve always done for 46 years whenever anything went wrong.

I buried my feelings in food…

And here I was again… disgusted with myself.

Feeling sorry for myself.

Wanting to stop.

But just eating and eating and eating.

“How DARE he????” I asked myself as I walked one labored step at a time to the bathroom.

How DARE he when he hadn’t looked at me like he LOVED me or given me a reason to care about how I looked in almost a DECADE…

And it’s not like he was in “great shape” or anything, chugging his beers every night.

And I won’t EVEN GET INTO THE FACT that he hadn’t touched me or bothered to have sex with me unless I THREW myself at him in so long I didn’t want to remember…

And Then I Looked In The Mirror…

And, maybe for the first time, I really saw her.

The fat, sad woman I’d become.

The fat, sad woman I’d stopped loving way before John did.

“I can’t do this anymore,” I moaned between gasping sobs. “I have to do something.”

And That’s When I Decided I’d Had Enough…

This time would be different.

This time I would lose the weight and KEEP it off.

What’s that old whatever it is?

“Looking good is the best revenge?”

I wasn’t going to look good.

I was going to look GREAT.

I was going to make him gnaw his heart out and then tell him I didn’t want him because he was too old and too weak and too fat. 

No matter what it took I would GET MY BODY BACK.

I would get MYSELF back.

And most of all, I would get my REVENGE.

On John… On Tara… 

On every man and woman who’d made me feel ASHAMED of myself for being FAT since I gained my “baby weight” with my first child and NEVER managed to lose it.

And Do You Know What Happened Next?

I bet you do…

I picked myself up and told myself this time would be different…

This time I would have the self control…

But just like every other time I’d tried to “diet”…

I Failed. Miserably.

I still remember how much I beat myself up for not being able to control myself before I learned this secret.

I mean, weight loss is “simple” right?

Skinny people tell you that all the time.

What’s the basic advice they always give you like it’s something NEW?

“Eat less, exercise more!”


Well, I don’t know about you...

But no matter how much I try to “get into the habit” and become one of those annoying people who “love” the gym…


I HATE exercise.

I HATE going to “work out” and feeling like a BLOB compared to the younger women in their tight yoga pants.

Besides, I have 3 kids AND a job. How the heck am I supposed to find TIME to take a “stairway to nowhere” on one of those machines every week?

And as for food

I don’t know if it’s like this for you, but I love food…

I love it and in a weird way I always felt like it loved me too.

I mean, my whole life…

FOOD is what comforts me when life gets so hard (like when my teenaged daughter got pregnant her junior year of High School.)

FOOD is how I celebrate when times are good (like when she graduated with honors anyway)…

FOOD is how I show love to my family and my kids…

And here’s the first thing you have to learn for this to work…

Food Is NOT The Enemy.

You Don’t Have To STARVE Yourself to Lose Weight.

(In Fact That Will Just Make You Fatter Long Term.)

Do you want to know why every diet you’ve tried has FAILED in the past, and why I failed at first after John left?

It’s not because you’re “weak.”

It’s not because there’s something “wrong” with you.

It’s because all those diets, when you get right down to it, were created by skinny people who actually LIKE exercising and LIKE eating like rabbits.

They don’t love food the way you and I do.

They don’t understand what it means to give up a part of yourself by turning meal times that should be joyous into another torturous session of depriving yourself.

And THAT’S why none of of those diets have ever worked for real women like you and me.

Because they turn FOOD and your “lack of willpower” into the enemy when really, when it comes to weight loss, food is a woman’s best friend, and you probably need to start eating more, not less if you want to lose weight.

So, Promise Me Right Now That You’ll Give Up On This Idea That “Food Is The Enemy” And That Your Weight Is Somehow “Your Fault.”

Only Then Can I Show You The Secret That’s Helped So Many Thousands Of Women Get Their “Revenge” Already… 

Women like Sharon, who knows EXACTLY what I went through only too well…

Hi, My Name Is Joanie…

Yes, that really is me in the pictures you saw earlier.

And the reason I just shared so much intimate information about myself is because I want you to know that I get it…

I’ve been there…

I’ve beat myself up – just like you have.

And I want you to know…

If you’ve ever felt worthless.

If you’ve ever felt cast aside.

If you’ve ever even felt ugly.

If you’ve ever hated the person you saw in the mirror.

I’m here to tell you that there really is a way out and you really do not need to feel that way ever again.

You don’t deserve that.

No one deserves that.

See, after John left, I decided this time was going to be different.

I tried everything to lose weight and look and feel better about myself.

I tried fad diets like “Paleo” and “The Zone” that left me hungry and miserable and doubled my grocery bill and took FOREVER to prepare.

I did insane exercise routines that made me think I was going to die… at least for the week or so I would actually do them.

I joined online “accountability clubs” and tried every every “miracle” pitched on TV…

I even tried one of those “Magic Pills”

You know, the ones advertised on the internet.

“Fat Burners” they call them.

And at first it was great. I had more energy. My son, Toby, even told me I looked thinner.

It was wonderful.

The pounds were sliding off.

I found myself fantasizing about the look in John’s eyes when he saw me…

But then tragedy struck…

The “magic pill” wasn’t so “magic” after all.

It turned out all my years of “letting myself go” had weakened my heart… and all the extra energy those unregulated pills gave me had put too much strain on it…

I felt the sharp pain down my left arm.

I barely managed to dial 911 on my cell phone.

I had a heart attack at the age of 46.

A “minor” one, the doctor said.

And then he made me promise never to touch those things again.

I mean, sure I’d been feeling a little light headed…

But I had NO IDEA those pills could actually be DANGEROUS.

He said those pills are basically “Natural Speed” and that he deals with people every day going through exactly what happened to me.

By The End I’d Spent Over $7,000

…on Diets, Classes, Pills and Medical Bills (thanks to our crappy insurance.)

And I was 7 Pounds Heavier Than When I Started.

I was almost suicidal with depression

I look back and wonder why I didn’t give up.

But it was then, when I was at my absolute lowest, recovering from my trip to the hospital, feeling beaten and useless…

…That I finally discovered the truth.

Because that’s when I stopped waiting for a “hero” to come fix this for me.

That’s when I decided to take my weight and my health into my own hands and be my own hero.  

See, stuck in bed like I was recovering, I had something I hadn’t had since before the kids invaded our lives (and stole my body from me.)


So I pored over scientific websites myself and read study after study (I was always pretty good at science in school and was able to figure most of the gobbledy gook out).

I discovered a few facts about WOMEN and weight loss that SHOCKED me and changed EVERYTHING.

Instead of trusting “online gurus” or even the government to tell me what was “good for me,” I went right to the source.

And Eventually I Found Out…

The 3 Big Weight Loss LIES

That Have Been Keeping You Fat

(And Pouring Money into the Diet Industry’s pockets)

Your Entire Life

Lie #1

Women Can’t Lose Weight as Easily as Men

I’d been told this one my entire life.

“Women need more fat,” they’d say.

“It’s harder for women to lose weight.”

But it’s a LIE.

Yes, women are designed to have children so our bodies try to store fat more often than men do.

But when you follow the simple methods that transformed my life (and the lives of so many thousands of other women) you’ll turn on the “fat burning” switch in your body so you can eat pretty much whatever you want and STILL lose weight.

Lie #2

You Have To Spend a Lot of Time Embarrassing Yourself At The Gym Doing Cardio To Lose Fat


I don’t know about you, but I get plenty of cardio in every day cleaning the house, taking the kids to school, doing my JOB and shopping for whatever the family needs!

If you’re like me, you don’t have time for hours upon hours of cardio in the gym every week.

THE TRUTH is that a busy day of moderate activity is all the body needs to burn fat, and when you do what I did, your body is going to be burning fat all day long – whether you’re running a marathon or binging on Netflix.

Lie #3

Don’t Eat Foods High in Fat!

I have to tell you, after years and years of depriving myself this one made me ANGRY.

After digging through scientific study after scientific study I discovered that far from being the enemy, fat is actually the KEY to LOSING WEIGHT and KEEPING IT OFF.

See, I don’t want to get into the medical jargon, but the short version is that your body wants to use fat for fuel.

(In fact, the reason it’s so easy for us to put on extra pounds is because your body is trying to store away those extra calories like a squirrel putting away nuts for winter.)

If you want to BURN fat you need to EAT fat.

That’s really all there is to it.

Now, I’m not saying you can live on nothing but brownies or cupcakes (though that does sound pretty great.)

But I am saying you can have all the cupcakes and brownies you want while following the simple system I’ve designed and still lose all the weight you want.

Learning those three LIES, and discovering the tiny little women’s weight loss secret they lead to, lit a spark in me nothing else ever had.

I thought I finally had the answer. All I needed was TIME to figure things out and get myself back.

And maybe even save my family.

But time was one thing I didn’t have.

“I’m Sorry, I Don’t Want To Hurt You, But I Deserve To Be Happy.”

“I’m Moving In With Her,” He Said…

My heart hurt worse than when I had my heart attack watching John pull out of the driveway with his car full of stuff.

I was shaking, with tears running down my cheeks.

He had tried to hug me goodbye (which I was not having.)

“I hope someday we can be friends,” and he got in the car and pulled away.

After all I’d done for him, he didn’t want me anymore.

I wasn’t good enough for him anymore.

I walked inside.

I opened the freezer for the ice cream…

And then something strange happened.

I’ve never been comfortable showing anger (or even admitting I have it)…

But for the first time ever I really let myself be MAD, not just at John…

But at myself.

I’d spent so much time (23 years with him - 20 as his wife) taking care of John and the kids…

Sacrificing EVERYTHING for them…

But what about me?

What about MY happiness?

What about MY needs?

See, Every Time I Had FAILED at Losing Weight and KEEPING It Off…

It Had Come Down To 3 Things 

1. I Just Don’t Have TIME To Work Out HOURS Every Day To Get Into Shape

All the advice I’d gotten about weight loss had told me that I HAD to exercise every day… join some monthly club or pay an expensive trainer.

But I’m not rich! I don’t have a maid and a nanny and somebody to cook dinner and somebody to magically pay the bills!

I don’t have time for that and I don’t know ANY other woman who does.

2. Too many programs just wanted me to buy some “Specially Formulated Product”

Made in China, full of ingredients I couldn’t even pronounce with NO actual science to back them up.

3. I’d always trusted SOMEBODY ELSE to tell me what to do…

Somebody who knew NOTHING about what it was like to be a REAL woman with REAL women’s problems.

With John gone I decided to do something I had literally NEVER done before.

For once I was going to focus on MY happiness.

For once I was going to make MYSELF happy.

I decided to put myself FIRST.

I got to work like a woman possessed.

Hours went by. Days. I lost track of time.

I read countless self help books (most of them full of BS), buried myself in scientific papers on weight loss, learned everything I could about how WOMEN’s bodies work and the relationship between our hormones and our weight…

All of it with one goal…

To figure out a simple, EASY system that would work for regular, average women. Women like ME.

I almost gave up so many times.

All that sorting through BOGUS research, MADE UP diet fads, pyramid schemes designed to sell you supplements that don’t do 1/50th of what they promise…

Then one day, something clicked and I discovered the Three Rules that all my weight loss success (and the success of THOUSANDS of other women) is built on…

After 2 Months of Research and Solitude and Trying Out My New Rules, My Best Girlfriends Finally Convinced Me To Go Out

I didn’t want to.

I wanted to keep working.

I’d built a whole system around my “3 Rules” and everything I’d learned in my research.

A simple system even I could do without having to rely on “willpower,” without having to set foot in a gym, without ever depriving myself.

I didn’t think I was ready, but I did need to get out of the house.

I agreed to meet them for happy hour and figured I would put on my favorite dress because I always liked the way I looked in it (even when I was “heavy.”)

When it came time to get dressed I realized it didn’t fit… I looked like a little girl trying on her mom’s clothes!

My favorite shoes didn’t fit either!

Everything was too big!

I couldn’t believe it!

Even my FEET had gotten smaller!

In a panic, I ran to the store to find something to wear and found myself trying on clothes I would have been petrified to look at myself in before I lost the weight.

I think I made the salesperson’s day. 🙂

I wish I had a picture of the look on my friends’ faces when I arrived at the restaurant…

They were shocked… happy… jealous.

They all gushed how I looked 10 years younger and how John would feel if he could see me then.

While I was walking back to my car a guy who must have been 8 or 9 years younger than me actually came over and asked me for a date — the first time that’s happened since college.

After Drinks, My Friend Katy Sent Me a Text That Shocked Me

Katy has always been the “pretty one” in the group.

She always had all the stories about boys chasing her… doing anything to be with her.

I remember one time she ran off to Australia for a summer because this rich guy wanted to sweep her off her feet.

We were in our twenties then and I can’t even tell you how much I wished I could BE her that day.

Like I said, she was at drinks but she’d been so QUIET the whole time.

She’d gained a few pounds like everybody does as we get older, but I guess it hit her HARD.

Katy, who was always so confident, sent me this:

Help me.

I know you don’t want to tell anybody but I NEED to know what you’ve been doing.


She came over the next day and I showed her my “lab” – the spare bedroom in the basement where I’d set up my computer – the place Katy still jokingly calls “hallowed ground” because of how that day changed her life.

I used Katy as my “lab rat.”

I sent her home with a printout of my whole “system” and told her to call me if she had questions.

And every time she had a question I made sure to go back and SIMPLIFY things. (And she had a LOT of questions. Maybe it’s because she could always get by on her looks but Katy would tell you herself she’s no genius.)

I can’t even tell you how proud I was when Katy started “shrinking” too.

Just read her email for yourself...

Next was Katy’s Sister, Ally…

I guess Katy “couldn’t help herself” and let Ally photocopy the whole thing.

I was a little mad at first…

…But then Ally lost 11 pounds in 2 weeks
(and that was just the beginning.)

I was shocked.

I mean, I’m not a “diet guru.”

I’m not a “scientist.”

But somehow I’d discovered something powerful…

Something special…

Something that could change how women look at and feel about our bodies forever.

And Then, Of Course…

The Flood Gates Opened

Suddenly I started getting all these friend requests on Facebook…

Friends of Ally. Friends of Katy. Friends of friends.

All these women who were SICK and TIRED of being ignored and feeling OLD before their time.

So, one by one, I shared my method… shared my secrets… shared my rules… shared my system

And, one by one, women who had been beating themselves up and failing to lose weight for years just… transformed.

One night over drinks Katy called my system “The Ultimate Revenge Diet” because of how it had started…

And that kind of stuck…

The Ultimate Revenge Diet was born.

And Then One Night, John Showed Up At My Door…

Drunk and Crying Like a Little Boy Who’d Lost His Tonka Truck.

She’d left him.

Tara, I mean.

She’d called him old and fat and boring and left him.

He said he’d been following me on Facebook.

He said he was “so proud” of me.

He said he wanted to see me in person and apologize…

Wanted to get me back…

Wanted to get US back.

A part of me wanted to drop everything for him –
like I had for 24 years…

But I Didn’t!

I heard the hurt and the desperation in his voice and I thought of the life I’d built since he left…

The men who were chasing me…

The FREEDOM I felt!

And I told him it was nice to see him. And I gave him a hug.

And I told him to go so I could get back to work on my new mission.

Of course that’s not the end of my story with John
(I’ll tell you about that in a minute.)

But in the meantime…

I got back to work perfecting my program which my friends and “clients” had basically FORCED me to share with the world.

A program I call…

The Ultimate Revenge diet

I know, I know… the word “revenge” sounds a little harsh.

But the more I worked on this program and the more astonished messages I got from women who followed these simple instructions the more I realized that that’s what this is…

It’s REVENGE, not just on men like my husband…

But on the whole damn diet industry that has LIED to us again and again and again, telling us some fancy new device or diet or exercise program was going to change everything…

When the TRUTH about how women lose weight and how women keep weight off and feel slim and healthy and beautiful no matter how old you are has been RIGHT THERE waiting for us the entire time.

Remember: The Ultimate Revenge Diet program doesn’t take any extra EFFORT on your part at all…

No cooking fancy recipes that take HOURS to get right and cost an arm and a leg at the supermarket…

No embarrassing yourself in a gym full of 20-somethings who secretly laugh at the “fat old lady” on the Stairmaster…

No dangerous “miracle pills” that do terrible damage to your body without you even knowing it (and which landed me in the hospital with THOUSANDS of dollars of medical fees)…

No “memberships” or monthly fees that do nothing but make your bank account thinner and thinner while doing nothing at all for the real woman who needs real help.

The Ultimate Revenge Diet Is Like No Diet Program You’ve Ever Seen

Because It’s Designed by a REAL Woman for REAL Women Like You…

Using this program (like Katy, Ally and so many others already have) involves NO exercise more strenuous than walking to the fridge…

NO STARVING yourself (in fact you can eat as much as you want)…

NO spending HOURS and HOURS you don’t have in the kitchen (because I know “extra time” is a thing no woman has these days.)

And creates an-almost-done-for-you system guiding you like a map from where you are now to the body you’ve always wanted and always deserved.

I know you don’t have time to dig through tons of research like I did (and I only did because I had a HEART ATTACK)…

That’s why the first thing I want to give you is…

The Ultimate Revenge Diet

7 Day Simple Jumpstart

Around the house I call this “printed willpower” because it’s designed to make getting started as easy as falling off a log…

In the “jumpstart” you’ll learn the EXACT 3 rules that transformed weight loss for me and thousands of other women so you can eat ALL YOU WANT while looking and feeling 10, 20 or even 30 years younger than you actually are…

Once you’ve gone through the Jumpstart you’ll dive into the…

6 Week Ultimate Revenge Transformation Program

The EXACT system me, Katy, Ally, every testimonial you’ve heard and THOUSANDS of women around the world have used to absolutely transform your body for good in just 6 short weeks…

NO guess work.

NO measuring “grams” of food.

NO choking down stuff that barely qualifies as food.

NO DEPRIVING yourself and absolutely…

NO going to the gym.

Simply follow the step-by-step, done-for-you-instructions and you’ll marvel as the pounds MELT off your body, as your energy shoots through the roof and as you find yourself SMILING giddily like a kid on Christmas morning for no reason at all.

Plus I’ll give you…

My Revenge Shopping Guide

This “done for you” REVENGE shopping list is full of the AFFORDABLE, delicious foods you’ll be using to “flip the switch” on your metabolism (And before you ask, YES you can have cookies and ice cream and whatever your favorite “comfort” foods are too!)

This is your comprehensive guide to nailing the grocery store.

And MUCH more than I have time to list out here.

Oh, and of course EVERYTHING you get is comprehensive, full color, professionally designed and EASY to USE.

Now, I’m sure I could stop there and you’d feel how much passion and effort I’ve put into this… and imagine how this system is going to guide you by the hand to a better life.

But I’ve always been a GIVER and I’ve always loved to OVERDELIVER…

Which is why I also want to give you a FREE GIFT that you’re welcome to keep forever just as my way of saying “thanks” for trying the system out.


Dieting And The Woman’s Body

Twelve simple tips for women that allow you to lose weight faster than men and that turn the female body’s natural tendency to store more fat than men to your ADVANTAGE. (It’s pretty amazing, actually.)

Here’s My Promise To You

Simply follow the Ultimate Diet Revenge program and you’ll be shocked at how quickly you’re able to lose unwanted weight…

Get your confidence back…

And feel truly attractive and wanted again just like so many thousands of other women before you…

Women like Sarah…

And that’s just a TINY taste of the many, many emails and letters I’ve gotten from women all over the country and all over the world thanking me for finally showing them the TRUTH about weight loss.

So, How Do You Get Started Getting YOUR Ultimate Revenge?

By now you’re probably wondering how much you have to invest in the Ultimate Diet Revenge system.

First off, I want to promise you it’s not going to cost you anything close to what it cost ME.

If you’ve been listening to my story you know that between all the fad diets and dangerous pills and medical bills, I spent over $7,312 on my journey to creating this life-changing program.

And even though that’s a LOT of money and money my family didn’t have, I have to say…

It was worth it.

If I had to go back in time to when I was still fat and someone said they could wave a magic wand and make me get thin and STAY thin so easily for $7,000… ?

I’d do it.

I’d do it because losing that weight gave me my life back.

Gave me my family back… gave me energy and purpose.

Of course I’m not going to ask you to pay anything close to $7,000… I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did.

But Ask Yourself a Question:

If price really were no object, how much would it be worth to YOU to KNOW your journey to find the answer is over?

To KNOW that you’re on a path that has worked for THOUSANDS of women just like you…

To KNOW you’ll never again have to feel GUILTY looking in the mirror, grabbing hold of your belly fat and feeling so BAD about yourself because you’re “too weak” to lose weight.

If you’re honest with yourself (and nobody else is listening) I bet you’d be willing to pay A LOT.

Thousands of dollars like I would…

Or at least HUNDREDS of dollars even if it was a little bit of a stretch.

I mean, a good personal trainer ALONE would cost you hundreds of dollars A MONTH (and you’d still have to go to the GYM!)

“Magic Pills” can cost $600 or more a year (and might almost KILL you like they did for me.)

When I first created this program a lot of “experts” told me I should charge AT LEAST $297 for access to the program.

I was SHOCKED by that price but these “experts” told me that’s what I HAD to charge because this program was so robust, so “done for you” and so effective.

They said it was “The Holy Grail of Women’s Weight Loss.”

And that I’d be a FOOL for charging even one red cent less.

But I Guess I’m a “Fool” Because I’m Not Going To Ask You To Pay Anywhere Near $297

See, I sent the “experts” packing and decided to try out offering you the entire Ultimate Diet Revenge program at a frankly-crazy discount.

Because I want this for you.

I want this for EVERY woman who has ever struggled with her weight or not liked who she saw in the mirror.

And I’m hoping that once this gets out I’ll be able to sell enough that I’ll be able to afford to keep the price low.

This is my first time doing this. I have no idea if it’ll work.

So, I’m not going to ask you for $297…

I’m not going to ask you for $197…

I’m not going to ask you for $97…

I’m not going to ask you for $67


This might be a huge mistake on my part, but I want to let you have IMMEDIATE access to the complete Ultimate Diet Revenge program…

The Ultimate Revenge Diet 7 Day Simple Jumpstart ($97 Value)

The 6 Week Ultimate Revenge Transformation Program ($97 Value)

The Ultimate Revenge Diet Shopping Guide ($67 Value)


Dieting And The Woman’s Body ($77 Value)

For just $37

If you added the REAL WORLD VALUE of everything in this system together, it’d EASILY be $338.

But you’re lucky enough to be here right now, you’ll get EVERYTHING I’ve talked about for just $37…

And all you have to do to finally take control and stop feeling like a “failure” every time some “fad’ doesn’t work for you is click the button below and enter your credit card information on the next page.

And just to take away every excuse you might have not to put yourself first and do this for yourself...

I’m Going To Back Up Everything I’ve Said With a Truly Astonishing 60-Day Guarantee…

Here’s how it works…

Just click the order button and grab immediate access to the complete “Ultimate Diet Revenge” program (and all the bonuses) at your special discounted price.

Listen, woman to woman, I know that sometimes the absolute hardest thing for you to do is to be “selfish”

To actually do something for yourself (instead of giving and giving and giving to men and kids who never seem to appreciate everything you sacrifice for them… wishing that just for once they would actually say “thanks.”)

To put yourself first, just for once.

Honestly, it makes me absolutely sick to think that you would deny yourself the massive, amazing change in your life I’ve experienced and so many other women have experienced because of money or some weird feeling of “guilt”…

Which is why I’m going to “go out on a limb” here for you and do something that might actually be a little bit stupid and could come back and bite me in the butt…

Get The Ultimate Revenge Diet Right Now… Just $37!

By absolutely GUARANTEEING this program will work for YOU.

No matter how many times you’ve been up and down the diet roller coaster before…

Here’s how it works…

Simply click the order button right now…

On the next page, just enter your email (so we know where to send your receipt and log in instructions) and your credit card information (our secure online retailer uses the same technology as Amazon, so you know your information will be safe.)

Grab access to The Ultimate Diet Revenge program just like THOUSANDS of other women have…


Dig into the Simple 7 Day Jumpstart that has you experiencing amazing weight loss results in just one short week…

Discover the astonishing diet secret that “turns back the clock” on women’s bodies and gives you back the energy and spark you had when you were in your twenties…

Experience for yourself what it’s like to wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and find yourself CRYING because you can’t believe how much slimmer, healthier, younger and, let’s just say it, SEXIER you look…

Feel what it’s like to have men rubbernecking every time you walk down the street because they simply can’t believe how hot you look…

Catch that one special man in your life staring at you the way he used to all those years ago… the way you’ve wanted him too for so long…

Take 60 FULL DAYS to “kick the tires,” see what this amazing system really has to offer and change your life…

And then (and only then) after you’ve given me and The Ultimate Diet Revenge system the chance to transform your body without exercise, without depriving yourself and, amazingly, while still getting to eat your favorite fast food…

Well, then if I haven’t delivered on everything I’ve said in this short presentation, simply shoot me an email at my customer service address and I’ll refund every dime you’ve invested in yourself today, no questions asked…

Listen: I don’t know about you, but the way I was raised is to do right by people…

And personally I don’t believe I DESERVE your money unless I OVERDELIVER on my promises and unless you get truly astonishing results…

Plus, I know from my own incredible experience winning my husband back (and having him literally beg to be with me again, practically gnawing his heart out at the mistake he made)…

And from the over X thousand women who have USED this program and sent me ecstatic emails about finally finding something that was EASY and finally finding something that REALLY WORKS…

That you’re going to be absolutely THRILLED when feel what it’s like to let this program take the wheel and to lose weight and look AMAZING this simple, almost-automatic way.

If you’re like most people you’re going to see results (and feel your belly SHRINKING) within just a few short weeks…

Which is why I don’t feel like I’m really “risking” anything by giving you TWO FULL MONTHS to “try the program out” and see for yourself…

Get The Ultimate Revenge Diet Right Now… Just $37!

Is it possible that some less-than-honest folks will take advantage of me?

Will USE The program and get every result I’ve promised here and then STILL ask for their money back?


But fundamentally I know that most people are honest and that when all is said and done, your’e going to see the measly few dollars I’m asking you to invest in yourself today as an absolute BARGAIN to finally get off the weight loss roller coaster and to finally LOVE who you see every time you look in the mirror…

Again, all you have to do to get started is click the order button and you’ll be digging in to every astonishing secret in this program just 2 short minutes from now…

But You Really Do Have To Act RIGHT NOW…

Remember, I’m offering the complete “Ultimate Diet Revenge” program (plus ALL of the valuable bonuses) for just $37 to see if I can make it work…

If I can’t… if the math just doesn’t add up… I may have to RAISE (or maybe even DOUBLE the price) in the near future (even though I really don’t want to.)

So please, if you leave today and then come back in a day or two to find the price is MUCH higher…

Please don’t write me begging to be let in at the discount rate… if you let this pass through your fingers there’s simply nothing I can do…

But if you’re seeing this message right now it means you can still grab The Ultimate Diet Revenge at the drastically discounted (and some would say “stupidly cheap”) rate…

So just click the button below right now to get started.

Get The Ultimate Revenge Diet Right Now… Just $37!

Oh, and Do You Want To Know What Finally Happened With John?

Eventually I decided putting my family back together was the most important thing.

But I made him work for it.

First I went on some dates of my own, just to feel again what it’s like to be CHASED by a man and for John to feel some jealousy and pain of his own.

And I made him chase me too.

He took me out on dates.

He put away his damn phone.

He paid attention to me.

He even seduced me.

I put my foot down and said if I was even going to consider taking him back he’d have to do something about the beer gut.

And he did.

He says I’m a changed woman.

He treats me like a queen.

And now we’re happier than we’ve ever been.

That’s My Story. Now it comes down to YOURS…

And all you have to do to change the ending of your story FOREVER is click the button below right now, use your frankly-ridiculous discount, invest in your happiness for once and experience for yourself the astonishing change so many women already have.

I can do ALMOST everything for you… I can lay out the entire plan, take away all the guesswork and give you the CERTAINTY you need to get the results so many others already have…

But the only way I can help you is if you take action RIGHT NOW and click the button you see below…

I can’t wait to hear from you after you experience the simple, easy results that come with “trying out” The Ultimate Revenge program…

I can’t wait to see the SMILE on your face in your after pictures as you realize you made the best choice of your life.

I can’t wait to read your emails raving about how your husband or your boyfriend seems focused on YOU in a way he hasn’t been in so very long.

Thank you so much for your time.

Your friend…


Get The Ultimate Revenge Diet Right Now… Just $37!

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